Mickel Garrett Photography

GQ Shoot

This shoot was really cool to be apart of. It was my first time working with Daniel Jackson, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Let alone, I was filling in for a mentor that couldn’t make it. Dan seemed a bit short at first but after seeing me bust my a** all day, I slowly started to gain his trust. The shoot was mostly natural light and the pace was fast, run-and-gun. Thankfully the Weeknd and his team were very easy work with! Here are a few moments from behind the scenes and final selects.

Talent – The Weeknd

Photographer – Daniel Jackson

Digital Tech – Karen Goss

1st Photo Assistant – Brandon Dowling

2nd Photo Assistant – Mickel Garrett

Stylist – George Cortina

Stylist – Matthew Henson

Tailor – David Viato

MUA/Skin – Christine Nelli

Hair – Daronn Carr

Riot Gear – Chad Ofstedahl